Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (the "Board") of Unifi, Inc. (the "Company") is committed to high standards for itself and all UNIFI® personnel with respect to corporate governance and ethical business conduct in general. Towards that end, the Board has adopted policies and oversees practices to help ensure that the Company and its personnel and agents observe the highest ethical standards, as well as adhere to the corporate governance and other applicable legal requirements where the Company operates.

The Board's actions include adoption of the Company's Corporate Governance Guidelines and Policies, which is available via the link below, to reflect the principal components of the Company's comprehensive corporate governance regime. All such policies and practices are subject to periodic review and modification by the Board to ensure that they continue to meet applicable legal standards or prevailing protocols for sound corporate governance. The Board considers monitoring compliance with the Company's corporate governance regime to be an integral part of the Board's fiduciary duty to oversee the Company's operations and the management of its affairs in the best interests of the Company's shareholders.